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DotA 2 Team in the Bigpoint Battle Finals

Thu 9th May 2013 - 12:15pm News

After five rounds of tough qualifying our new DotA team was able to reach the final round of the Bigpoint Battle to fight for the 2000€ prize pool.

After advancing impressively fast in the first rounds of the qualifier, our DotA 2 squad had to face TheRetry with Plzgogame (PGG), a former player of Moscow 5. While the first match started difficult for our team, they were able to hold up and even get back into the game, but after forcing a fight at the Roshan pit, the enemy Clockwerk and Magnus were able to lock Ai down and ultimately win the match. Although this first match made it seem that our team was on the same level as the enemies, the second and third match were totally different, our team was able to wake up and win both games devastatingly.

After this successful qualifier, our team advanced to the round of the top 16 for the second time now, where the 8 invited teams get into the tournament. These teams are really interesting this month, because with Team Liquid there´s a directly qualified team to The Internationals, Mousesports, who is also in The International´s qualifiers and also known as the best DotA 2 team in Germany currently, and various other teams from The Internationals qualifiers like QPAD Red Pandas, dd.Dota, RoX.KiS , iCCup and finally Kaipi, who barely missed their chance, but impressed with recent success in the EIZO Cup and one open slot.

The Main Round will be played today at 18:00 CEST and the Quarterfinals right after that, estimately at 21:00 CEST, while the Semifinals and the Grand Final will be played tomorrow, all games are BO3, it is unknown yet when the Main Round will be drawn.

We wish the best for our team tonight and hopefully tomorrow. We also want to thank ChriZZ for standing-in in this tournament.


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written by Avy

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