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AiSeiplo goes to the WCS European Championship

Sat 28th Jul 2012 - 11:04pm News

This weekend the Starcraft II World Championship Series Nordic finals took place in Stockholm, Sweden and our player Seiplo got third place in it securing a paid trip to the WCS European Championship.

With a weekend full of upsets the winners of the Nordic Finals have been determined. Denmark, Finland and Norway all got one spot for the European Finals with Babyknight winning 2-0 against Blackcidy in the Denmark Finals, Naama taking it 2-1 in the second BO3 against Elfi who came from the lower bracket and won the first BO3 2-0 and Nocticimus beating Seriously 2-0 in two BO3s because of the lower bracket rule.

But one of the biggest eSports nations beside Korea had some really twisted results. Players like Morrow, Lalush and Morrow were knocked down into the lower bracket in the first round. Furthermore Bischu, Morrow and Sase only got Top 8 while being handled as winning candidates. Therefore the Top 3 consists of Seiplo, SortOf and Thorzain with two suprises. Contrary to some predicitions Naniwa only finished fourth place without qualifying for the finals.

Winning against Lalush, Forsen and even 2-0'ing Sase, Seiplo showed what he is capable off and accomplished the third place in th WCS Sweden Finals or likewise in his manner: He got 'famous, rich and bitch' with this one. In addition to the paid trip to the European Finals, he also earned $1,300.

Thanks to Blizzard for this wonderful tournament giving every player the same possiblity to reach the final stage with a really good performance at those Finals. In the same manner they pay for the accomodation, the flight and every meal which is very unusual for tournament organizer.

We will look forward to the 15th September on which the WCS European Championship will take place in Stockholm with a battle for a total prize money of $60.000. Let's see how Seiplo will perform there.

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