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AiSeiplo qualifies for ASUS ROG 2012

Sat 14th Jul 2012 - 11:23pm News

With a field full of participants which could fill up another Copenhagen Games bracket, the second qualifier for the ASUS ROG Summer 2012 took place and our very own AiSeiplo aka John Seipel qualified through it. Beside some of the best European players, even Koreans like ESC.Daisy or Mill.Dragon (who was invited afterwards) tried their luck. After beating LiquidHayprO in the first round of the qualifier, he went on and beat the finnish player Core and the french player from Team Millenium Adelscott, both 2-1.

But the challenge at the tournament itself won't get easier. In addition to the best Europeans, Seiplo could possibly face Koreans like SK.MC or LiquidHero. Overall the tournament has a slight bias towards Zerg and Protoss with only seven Terrans in the whole tournament. But with the recent MLG Summer Arena winner LiquidTaeja it will only get harder.

Let's see how Seiplo will perform in this battle for $30.000 at the ASUS ROG Summer 2012 from 2.- 4.August . Tune in !

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