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Alien Invasion wins SC2SL

Sat 14th Jul 2012 - 3:11pm News

We won the Starcraft 2 Survivor league beating BLAST 4-1 in the Finals. Price is 1500€ in Logitech Hardware. After placing 3rd behind BLAST and Millenium in the Groupstage we managed to beat both teams in the Playoffs. While the match against Millenium was a pretty close one which we won 4-3, we dropped only one map in the finals against BLAST. The Matches in detail:

  1. AiHEADHUNTER > sYz (Shakuras Plateau)
  2. roof > AiHEADHUNTER (Dual Sight)
  3. AiTarra > roof (Metalopolis)
  4. AiTarra > KrasS (Terminus SE)
  5. AiTarra > roof (revived) (Tal Darim Altar)

Congrats to AiTarra and AiHEADHUNTER for their excellent performance!

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